Firing Vibes NFT system, part 2: Play and Earn

In part 1 we talked about NFT Names. This Name given to the player’s character will be the beginning of its ingame journey.

But after that, what happens? And what about Play and Earn, like actually earning NFTs through play? That’s what we will talk about in this article.

But before that, it’s important to keep in mind the goal of the Firing Vibes NFT system. Its goal is to enable the game to be free to play with cosmetics that can:

  • Be hardly earned through play

Names as a strong building block

As explained in part 1, one unique NFT Name is given to the character of each player (names like BOBO, ULYS, AKO…). These names will have a direct influence over the Play and Earn model.

The strength of Names as a building block, is their varying value. The value can’t be exactly the same for two different names. And building on that, it will make the value of all earnable NFTs vary based on luck. We just need to add a little bit of skill in the equation.

These earnable NFTs directly based on Names are called “Plaques”.


In the army, military tags are given to soldiers. These tags contain the soldiers identity and serves to identify them.

Inspired by military tags, on Firing Vibes Plaques are written the Name of the player’s character. So the main caractertistic (or trait) of a Plaque is its owner name. But contrary to the military, these digital Plaques are not limited in number. There can be more than one Plaque taken from a character. Those Plaques are NFTs earnable through play.

This is a Plaque, this one was taken from the character “MUVIN”

At the end of a PvP match, players have a chance to earn one NFT Plaque. But a player can’t win a Plaque with its own name on it. He wins a Plaque that has one of its enemies name (enemies during the current PvP match).

The Player is presented one Plaque by opponent. And he is able to choose the Plaque with the name he prefers. For example, for the default 2 vs 2 match he will have the possibility to choose one of the two Plaques available.

Select a Plaque to loot at the end of a match, here the Player opponents were C and ALEKY

With this system the earnable NFT Plaques are distinct, with a varying associated value every match.

To reward skill, the Plaques are different if you win or lose the match. This “Victory” trait is included in the NFT and visible directly on the Plaque. If you win the match the Plaque you earn is framed by a green aureole, a red one if you lose. Hence the value of a Plaque will be higher if it is a winning Plaque than if it is a losing one.

Okay so you played a bunch of matches and earned a few Plaques, what can you do with them? (except trading them on a marketplace) Do they have utility? Let’s talk about that.

Plaques and Titles

Plaques are the symbol of your character’s journey. These Plaques remind you your wins and your losses, as well as your opponents. That’s alright but then? Then you can directly select some of these Plaques. And by using the names of the Plaques you choose, create your own title.

Here Boby has created the title “PROBABLY NOTHING” using the Plaques P, ROB, AB, LY, NO, T, HIN and G
Here Boby is changing his title to create “PROBABLY NO TOP”

The Plaques you own are a part of your character’s identity. You couldn’t choose your name or the opponents you faced. But by selecting which Plaques to use and which Title to create you can choose your Title and show everyone who you are and what was your journey. (This title will be displayed next to your name in multiplayer matches).

And because these Plaques are NFTs. You can very easily trade them on a marketplace, and you can buy just the Plaque you needed to create your sleek Title.

On top of being a cool way to represent a player’s identity. These Titles can serve as a gateway made of both luck and skill. Luck with the Names of the opponents faced and skill with either the victory or defeat embedded in the Plaques. This gateway will lead to NFT cosmetics.

Titles, the Gateway to ingame cosmetics

Titles are the key to a better and more rewarding distribution of cosmetics. In a regular free to play game anyone can just buy the cosmetic they want, it does not feel rewarding at all. By limiting the maximum number for each cosmetics and making them hard to get through Titles, earning those cosmetics become much more rewarding and valuable to players.

How exactly will Titles work as a gateway tho? This part of the system is not fully fledged out yet (and we would love to hear if you have some input on the matter). But we are thinking of something like special events where players have to make a particular title in order to earn those ingame cosmetics.

Anyway, cosmetics won’t be available at launch. And only the Plaques will be NFTs when we launch. Names will be there but not as NFTs.
Once we are sure everything is working as intended, we will give every player the NFT with their character’s Name. And after a while we will start to integrate cosmetics.

Here is a diagram summarising the whole Firing Vibes NFT system:


Start the game → get a Name → play some games and earn Plaques → Make a Title with Plaques → Earn ingame cosmetics with specific Titles.

With this system we have:

  • Player to player exchangeable assets thanks to NFTs.

More details about cosmetics will come after the game launches.
But remember, the game is completely free to play so come check it out when it’s launched, get your character’s name and earn some Plaques !




Firing Vibes is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where you shoot with music and smoothly slide around the maps. With Solana and Stardust powered NFTs.

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Firing Vibes

Firing Vibes is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where you shoot with music and smoothly slide around the maps. With Solana and Stardust powered NFTs.