Firing Vibes NFT system, part 2: Play and Earn

  • Be hardly earned through play
  • Have monetary value
  • Be so varied they enable every player to have his own unique journey through his cosmetics

Names as a strong building block


This is a Plaque, this one was taken from the character “MUVIN”
Select a Plaque to loot at the end of a match, here the Player opponents were C and ALEKY

Plaques and Titles

Here Boby has created the title “PROBABLY NOTHING” using the Plaques P, ROB, AB, LY, NO, T, HIN and G
Here Boby is changing his title to create “PROBABLY NO TOP”

Titles, the Gateway to ingame cosmetics


  • Player to player exchangeable assets thanks to NFTs.
  • Each cosmetic is available in a very limited amount.
  • Cosmetics have to be hardly earned through play (or pay a heavy price to directly aquire them from another player).
  • Luck and skill will pave the journey of every player and give them access to specific cosmetics.



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Firing Vibes

Firing Vibes

Firing Vibes is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where you shoot with music and smoothly slide around the maps. With Solana and Stardust powered NFTs.