Firing Vibes NFT system, part 1: Unique Names

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In most free to play games, skins and cosmetics don’t mean much, everybody has the same easy access to them. Spend a few bucks et voilà you now have your own cool skin, except thousands of people have the same one. We keep seeing this system because it benefits the companies that make games the most. The easier it is to buy cosmetics the more they are bought and the more these companies make money.

But just paying a few bucks for a skin is not very fun, there is no challenge at all, no way to feel proud of the skin you just aquired. If you compare that to regular pay to play games. Where you had to grind tens or hundreds of hours to unlock that special item you always wanted. The meaning and value given to items in these two cases are not in favor of the free to play model, at all.

Is it possible to have a free to play game with cosmetics that can:

  • Be hardly earned through play
  • Have monetary value
  • Be so varied they enable every player to have his own unique journey through his cosmetics

That is the goal of Firing Vibes NFT system.

Unique Names

A system enabling every player to forge his own identity and be proud of the skins and cosmetics he owns. This is the goal of Firing Vibes NFTs.

This system intends to be fair for everyone. To make it so, the keys to success will be like the keys to every success: Skill + Luck.

And it all starts with luck.

Boby got lucky

Every player is attributed an unique name as an NFT. And like how you start in life, some players will be luckier than others with the names they get.

Names are important, they represent who you are. In Firing Vibes the name you obtain is the first building block of your character’s identity. Because it is an NFT, if you don’t like it you can sell it and buy another name you prefer. Some names can have different meanings from people to people and their associated value can therefore change.

But as the value from a name to another can change, the value of a name will be in average higher the earlier you obtain it. This is made possible by the special algortihm that will attribute to every player its character’s name.

Naming Algorithm

How to make procedurally generated names? Just put some random letters one after another huh? Well it’s almost like that. But you don’t want to have something like “uuujjjy” or “hgftdmmmo”. Every name should be at least human readable and pronounceable to have a minimum of meaning.

A very simple rule does the trick: Start every name with a consonant or a vowel, then alternate consonants and vowel depending on the previous letter, et voilà.

For example:

  • Consonant — Vowel — Consonant — Vowel → BOBY
  • Vowel — Consonant — Vowel — Consonant — Vowel → AKOLA

On top of getting 100% pronounceable words, these names fit well with the overall vibey not too serious theme of Firing Vibes.

But why is the value of a name in average higher the earlier you obtain it? Because no two names are the same and the number of possible letter combinations is finite. This leads to:

  • 26 names composed with only one letter, (A, B, C, D…)
  • 240 names with two letters (AK, LO, MU…)
  • 3120 names with three letters (OLA, MIC, UHU…)
  • 28800 names with four letters (XOXO, ULYS, GUPI…)
    Etc …

1 letter names will be a special case. But maybe you will be one of the first players and snatch a two letter name before they are all attributed! (2 letter names are attributed first, then 3 letter names etc…).
Be early and make it.

From a Name to an Identity

On top of being rarer, the less letter your name has, the more probable it is to have a strong meaning and attached value. But be careful before you try to sell an NFT name, those words could have a lot more meaning and value in another langage than english.

NFTs enable players to trade and get a name that resonates with them and their character. If you get a cool name, the identity you will build inside the game will be much stronger.

But once you have a cool name how do you build your identity through gameplay? We will talk about this in details in the next article. Coming soon.




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Firing Vibes is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where you shoot with music and smoothly slide around the maps. With Solana and Stardust powered NFTs.