Firing Vibes: Earn NFTs and build an unique identity

Firing Vibes is a multiplayer FPS which proudly offers new and original gameplay. But gameplay is not the only thing it innovates on. Let’s have a look at its unique NFT system.

Give your Vibe an identity

You can see it as a new birth. When you start Firing Vibes for the first time, your character will be born. Your character, called a Vibe, will need an identity. And it all starts with a name.

Unique names

When you were born you didn’t choose your name. You won’t be able to choose your Vibe’s name either. It will be given to you by an algorithm. And it will be an unique name, no two Vibes in the game will have the same. (More details about the name algorithm and what kind of names you can expect in a later article)
These names are NFTs.

Maybe you will be called BOBY?

Play multiplayer matches and earn Plaques

Your Vibe’s name is the first building block of its identity. Next it is by playing multiplayer matches and earning NFTs that you will compose the second building block.

The NFTs you will earn in multiplayer are called “Plaques”. At the end of a match, you will have a chance to earn one Plaque. The properties of this Plaque will be dependent on your performance during the match (win or lose) as well as your opponents names. Indeed, on this Plaque will be written the name of one of your opponents during this match.

These Plaques are NFTs aswell.

But why are these plaques important and what do you use them for?

Plaques, the core element to build your identity

The Plaques you will earn and possess can in a way represent your character’s jouney inside the game through your opponents names.

To materialize this unique journey you will be able to create your own Title using the names of the Plaques you own. Put the names of your Plaques next to each other to create words and meanings. Create your own title representing your Vibe’s journey and who you are.

Because these Plaques are NFTs you will be able to exchange them and maybe snatch just the Plaque you need on a marketplace to create your perfect title.

BOBY’s Title is Probably Nothing

But there is still more to it. The last building block of your identity are rare cosmetics, and you will need Plaques for a chance to earn them.

Cosmetics and how to earn them

At the same time, your title made of plaques represents who you are, and every plaque you own can potentially grant you a pass for rare cosmetics.

Cosmetics are still at the idea phase and nothing is set in stone yet. So if you have cool ideas on how we could use Plaques to earn these cosmetics we are all ears. But the core idea we currently have is to organise special events, in these events players will have to set a specific title using their Plaques and perform special challenges ingame in order to earn rare cosmetics.

These cosmetics will of course also be NFTs.

Gentle Ape

At launch, only the Plaques will be NFTs.
The Unique names will be attributed to every player but they will be converted into NFTs later when we are confident the system is running smoothly. Cosmetics will come at an even later stage.

This whole system, we could also call NFTeconomics, is unique and has never been tried before. And it’s impossible to know if everything will run as intended at launch. So please be careful if you want to trade NFTs. There is no need to pay for anything to play the game. The NFTs are only about identity and cosmetics, gentle ape.




Firing Vibes is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where you shoot with music and smoothly slide around the maps. With Solana and Stardust powered NFTs.

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Firing Vibes

Firing Vibes is a Multiplayer First Person Shooter where you shoot with music and smoothly slide around the maps. With Solana and Stardust powered NFTs.